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2014 Year in Review:  Good Days Behind Us and Great Days Ahead


2014 Year in Review: Good Days Behind Us and Great Days Ahead

Happy New Year, everyone!

Thanks for helping King Audio Visual have a great year of growth with great new event and venue partnerships.  Thanks to you, we've been expanding our warehouse space and getting plenty of new equipment, as well as finding some uses for our rarely used stock.

2014 Highlights:

1) 8' x 24' Fast-fold Screen

Yea, it's pretty wide.  We've had this screen in stock for forever, but it's barely ever been used in the years we've had it.  So we convinced US First to give it a try for one of their qualifying rounds at River Hill High School.  Using three projectors and a little magic, we set up two HD cameras (one for each of the competition areas, and scoreboard all on one screen.

It worked out pretty great.

2) Pixilated NYE Party

This was a fun one.  Working with our friends over at Pixilated Photobooth, we helped set the mood for the evening.  With a few gobos, lots of uplighting, and some magic lighting for the DJ, the house went crazy at Geppi's Entertainment Museum.

Pixilated had three of their beuatiful, custom photoboots set up and got everyone ready to party.

Once the house filled up, the dancing got everyone going the whole way through their long hall-way.  Our uplights took a beating from all the folks, but they stood up to the deluge of moving feet.   

3)  Paul Rabil Foundation Fundraiser @ 1840s Ballroom


We were already looking forward to this one, but our tech's eyes lit up when he saw Maryland Live! Casino bringing in the tables. 

The Paul Rabil Foundation let their guests bet their money away or donate via silent auction.  The Maryland Live! Casino tables were LED lit to match up with the blue uplights we put in.

Altogether, a swanky, lovely event.