Webinars And Video Conferencing

More and more resources are being moved to the cloud.  As cloud conferencing and seminars become a regular part of meetings and education, King Audio Visual can provide the equipment and operators to record and broadcast your event.

With a little bit of planning, King Audio Visual can stream High-Definition video anywhere in the world.

Livestream Your Performance or Event

Sometimes, a great performance has to shared.   With a just a good internet connection and a HD camera, we can set up a Livestream channel to broadcast your event online to all the people who wish they could be there in person.

In the past, we've Livestreamed wedding ceremonies, lectures, and concerts.  We'd love to find a way for you to share you experiences online.

*All Livestreaming event sites must have a stable, high-speed internet connection.

Call us at 410-465-7600 or email us at info@kingaudiovisual.com to discuss your needs and what equipment to use and what venues will suit your event.